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Field Service Management Trends To Rule The Market In 2019


You are probably aware of the megatrends that are prevailing in field service management for a few years now. These trends are the best mixture of technology and automation together and are capable enough of making filed work easier for on-field professionals.

Among the trends that are getting popular the most trendy ones are:

  • Artificial Intelligence backed features in field management software
  • Machine learning automating the field service processes
  • Internet of things in sales networks to develop a digital ecosystem for customers

These are major innovations that are happening in the industry but the point of discussion here is what impact do these developments have on field service management services?

Field service is one of the sales functions that is a bit different from traditional sales practiced in FMCG. Of course, there is involvement of both customers and the company but field services, on its front foot, is more about on-field services. So, let’s explore what’s new is there for field-service professionals to explore as trends that will rule the market.

AR And VR Are The New Field Service Tool

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the best tool for training for field service technicians. The training methods, when integrated with field management software, could help in offering the training in a more systematic manner. The technology could also be used for solving typical on-site problems that may hinder the progress of an ongoing task. AR and VR help on-site professionals while offering them services in real-time. Integrating AR and VR with industry related apps and cloud-based platforms the impact of the service could be extended further.

Hybrid Customer Service Concept – A Step Ahead In Client Servicing

With offerings like field service software, there is a new trend prevailing in the market and the experts are calling it hybrid customer service concept. This technique involves best of automation including artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. The benefits of digitization are also combined so that it could be made the best for the users. The best thing about such services is there is virtually no cost involved. Most of the task is carried out through automation and therefore there is no much human dependency involved, which is a reason for the popularity of the service.

Zero Stock Approach – To Maintain Inventory

Spare part management is the greatest challenge for companies today. Although effective management through field service app could help greatly in this approach but again it requires great precision. There is no second though in the fact that spare part management is becoming more complex today. However, the very first point described in these write-up (hybrid customer service concept) could help greatly in inventory management services. The AI-enabled feature could be the approach towards finding the best use of spare parts at place where it could not become a liability on the inventory.

Automated Communication Has Taken The Centre-Stage

All thanks to the offerings like field service mobile app that field service management companies are able to automate the communication. The benefit with this system is human assistance is being replaced by machine as a result of which the efficiency of the work increases automatically. Manual assistance thus can be utilized as several other places where machines or the chat bots could not handle the task. Jobs that require repetitive services are also more effective when the whole process is automated. The additional burden on the manual work-force is significantly reduced, which is why it is more of an advantage.

First Time Fix Rate Is Growing Prominently

The importance of first time fix rate is growing continually. A solid fix time first rate is even more important for field technicians in different ways, In case, a service technician is not able to provide the services at the very first attempt while visiting the site, a follow up process, which is time-consuming starts. Field technician again need to schedule an appointment to visit the location again in order to deliver the services. This ongoing approach towards making services much authentic for the client is a step ahead in offering reliable services and winning over the customers believe in services.

To Sum It Up

The trends in field service management are growing prominently. And it’s a sign that the service industry is flourishing with some of the best innovations for the end-clients. Techniques like virtual reality and augmented reality are adding up to make the services much prominent for customers along with making it easier for service professionals to deliver onsite services. Moreover, the ever-growing technology is also playing a role in better communication of the field staff with managers in offices. And as the development is growing prominently the field service industry will for sure watch some great innovations in times to come.

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